Team Celsius

The Adrenaline-Charged World of Team Celsius!

Welcome to the adrenaline-charged world of Team Celsius! Hailing from the vibrant city of Fort Lauderdale, this offshore powerboat racing team is ready to set the waters ablaze. Led by the skilled driver Chris Hopgood and throttleman Ryan Beckley, they command the sleek Boat S-43, built with a 2015 Doug Wright hull. With a fiery passion for speed and precision, Team Celsius leaves their mark on every racecourse, pushing boundaries and reaching new heights of excellence. Brace yourself for the exhilarating experience as they navigate the waves with unwavering determination and a thirst for victory.


Chris Hopgood

Jay Muller


Superior Performance, Stunning Design

Hull Manufacturer: Doug Wright

Year Built: 2015

Length: 32′

Beam: 10′ 1″

Weight: 4,900 lbs

Origin: Fort Lauderdale