Coco's Monkey

An unstoppable force – victory awaits!

Welcome to the wild world of Coco’s Monkey! This offshore powerboat racing team, traveling from the picturesque Seneca Lake, is set to conquer the waves. Driver AJ Bogino and throttleman Pete Bogino take charge of Boat S-39, boasting a 2017 Doug Wright hull. With a perfect blend of skill and adrenaline, Coco’s Monkey delivers a thrilling performance that leaves spectators in awe. Hold your breath as they navigate the challenging racecourse, showcasing their passion for speed and their unwavering determination to reach the podium.


AJ Bogino

Pete Bogino


Exquisite Engineering

Hull Manufacturer: Doug Wright

Year Built: 2017

Length: 32′

Beam: 10′

Weight: 4,900 lbs

Origin: Seneca Lake